Understanding the Holy Eucharist

A 5-session program at St. Anthony’s led by Sr. Terry Smith FcJ.
Registration forms are available at HERE.

Session 1 - February 7
Session 2 - February 28
Session 3 - March 14
Session 4 - March 28
Session 5 - April 11

With Burning Hearts seeks a fuller understanding of Eucharist through the story of the disciples on their way to Emmaus from Jerusalem.

Henri Nouwen shows us how the Eucharistic event is intensely human, revealing the deepest human experience: sadness and loss, attentiveness and invitation, intimacy and engagement.

Along this five-step journey, the disciples travel, grow and learn, from mourning to discernment, from invitation to intimacy, and finally from community to the charge to go forth and witness.

With Burning Hearts calls us to experience all of this journey, to know what we celebrate and what we are called to live are one and the same.